YouTube is introducing a new feature to help creators understand why their videos receive yellow dollar signs, which indicate limited monetization. This feature will provide timestamps showing which parts of the video violate YouTube’s guidelines.

Understanding the new feature

Starting from May 21, YouTube’s new feature will display timestamps when its moderation system restricts a video. This helps creators see exactly where their content breaks YouTube’s rules.

This feature is part of YouTube’s self-certification process, which creators use to check their videos for demonetization issues. The timestamps are currently available only on the desktop version of YouTube.

Importance of yellow dollar signs

For nearly a decade, yellow dollar signs have been a problem for creators. For those who don’t know, these signs mean that a video will earn less money because it has fewer or no ads.

A lot of creators have asked YouTube to explain why their videos are demonetized. With the new timestamps, YouTube is giving creators more information about these decisions. However, YouTube stated that the timestamps are not exhaustive.

Enhancing transparency in yellow icon appeals

YouTube also announced that it will provide timestamp feedback for yellow icon appeals through the Self-Certification process. This tool will allow content creators to check their content for ad suitability before they upload the video.

If a video receives a yellow icon, it means YouTube’s system flagged it for limited ads. Creators can appeal this decision and ask for a human reviewer.

Gradual rollout and future plans

YouTube says this feature responds to a top request from creators and will roll out over the next few months. Currently, it is only available for videos uploaded through Self-Certification on the web. YouTube is working to expand this feature to mobile uploads and other videos not using Self-Certification.