MrBeast has launched a Pro version of his YouTube analytics platform, ViewStats. The Pro tier offers five premium products designed to help creators better understand and grow their channels.

Development of ViewStats

During an 80-minute discussion with Jon Youshaei, a former YouTube executive, MrBeast shared the story behind ViewStats. He explained that the platform was developed over six years.

“These things require a lot of data and we have a giant team to turn them into something on the website that’s actually useable,” said Donaldson. This effort has resulted in the new Pro features available on ViewStats.

Free and Pro versions

Even with the launch of ViewStats Pro, users can still access the basic platform for free. This version includes essential viewership data that helps creators, just like it does for MrBeast. The platform, co-founded by Donaldson and Chucky Appleby, aims to present YouTube statistics in a simple and customizable way.

Pro features and pricing

For creators looking for more advanced tools, ViewStats Pro is available for $49.99 per month. MrBeast described this price as “‘as cheap as possible” to cover the $2 million cost of converting internal tools into user-ready products. The five products included in the Pro version are:

  1. Outliers: This tool explains why some videos get many more views than others.
  2. Thumbnail search: This feature finds thumbnails similar to the ones users select.
  3. A/B thumbnail testing: Pro users get access to every A/B thumbnail test ever conducted on YouTube.
  4. Alerts: This tool generates video ideas by notifying creators when other channels post videos on topics they are interested in.
  5. Collections: This feature groups multiple ViewStats Pro videos in one place.

Future developments

These five tools are just the beginning for ViewStats Pro. MrBeast mentioned that his team has “a roadmap with a dozen other tools we want to roll out over time.” Pro users will be the first to try out these new features as they are developed.