Popular technology review YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips (LTT) has claimed its innocence of grave accusations made by a former employee after an independent investigation turned up no proof of the charges of sexual harassment and bullying.

Background of the allegations against Linus Tech Tips

Gamers Nexus criticized LTT in August 2023 for inaccurate content and moral considerations, sparking the controversy. Madison Reeve, a former employee, accused LTT of mistreatment amid the controversy, citing instances of inappropriate touching, sexist statements and inadequate handling of mental health issues.

Reeve said that she experienced derogatory remarks and was “inappropriately grabbed multiple times” while working with LTT. She also said that supervisors downplayed her mental health issues and punished her for taking sick days.

Investigation details

Linus Tech Tips disclosed on X (formerly Twitter) on May 23, 2024, that the investigation was carried out by the Vancouver-based legal firm Roper Greyell. The employment law specialist firm was brought in to provide an unbiased review of the 2023 charges.

The investigation found that the claims were “largely unfounded, misleading, and unfair.” LTT states that there was no proof of sexual harassment or bullying at work, nor were there any instances where complaints of sexual harassment were dismissed.

Investigation findings

The legal firm’s investigation found no evidence to support Reeve’s allegations. The accusations against the team, according to LTT, “were largely unfounded, misleading, and unfair.” They also failed to find any indication of “abuse of power.”

Nevertheless, throughout Reeve’s onboarding, a few administrative mistakes and misunderstandings were noted. LTT has pledged to enhance workplace regulations and give their staff further instruction on how to voice and resolve issues.

Company’s response

LTT stated that they wanted to put the matter behind them. They stated that although they think they have a good case for a defamation complaint, they are not going to file a lawsuit. The corporation expressed, “Our deepest wish is to simply put all of this behind us.”