X (formerly Twitter) has unveiled a new feature called Creator Targeting. This feature allows advertisers to place ads alongside content from specific creators, giving them more control over where their ads appear.

Aims to enhance advertiser control

Advertisers had expressed concerns about their ads appearing next to controversial content on X. With Creator Targeting, advertisers can now target their ads to run alongside videos from a curated list of premium content creators. This move aims to reduce the risk of ads appearing next to sensitive or contentious posts.

How creator targeting works

“Starting this month, advertisers on X can run ads against a curated list of premium content creators via the feature,” the company wrote in a blog post. This feature enables advertisers to align with creators whose content resonates with their target audience. 

Ads can be placed before videos in both the home timeline and creator profiles. Soon, ads will be served on individual creator profiles, further reducing the risk of ads appearing next to controversial posts.

X says the feature “is an extension of X’s powerful and brand safe video offering.”

A move to get creators to post

This new feature will also help creators by allowing them to get paid when their creation is selected for ads. By drawing more talented content producers to its platform, X hopes to grow its advertising revenue.

For months, Musk has been trying to get well-known creators to share their content on X, even directly asking MrBeast to post on the platform last Month.

This measure demonstrates a calculated attempt to alleviate worries that ads may be connected to controversial material while improving the platform’s usability for users and advertisers alike. Advertisers may use X’s Ads Manager to efficiently reach their target audience with Creator Targeting, and content creators can monetize their work.