Amid claims of a security breach, a Kick executive assures users that their private information remains secure. Despite the platform’s assurance, a hacker claims to have access to thousands of user’s passwords and emails. However, Kick claims the hacker’s post is “fabricated.”

Hacker claims access to data

Recently, concerns arose when a user named @KickViewBot claimed to have found a “massive vulnerability” in Kick’s security. They asserted access to sensitive data, including emails, passwords and payment information of users, causing a stir online.

In the hacker’s post, they claimed to have found 50,000 entries of passwords, emails, account addresses, password resets and even users’ payment details.

“I want to be very clear about this, I have no intention of selling, distributing or leaking any of this information,” the hacker posted on X. “I completely understand the seriousness of this. I simply want someone from Kick to message me so we can fix this.”

Response from Kick

Kick’s Head of Product, Paulie Chianese, refuted these claims, stating that the platform encrypts all passwords and dismissing the allegations as false. He emphasized Kick’s commitment to user privacy.

“For the record, we do not store any passwords that are not encrypted,” Chianese wrote. “This is 100% fabricated and your private information remains secure.”

Hacker asserts their access to the said data

Despite Kick’s reassurances, @KickViewBot persisted, challenging the platform to prove its security measures. They claimed to have accessed multiple accounts successfully and threatened to expose more information if not taken seriously.

“Prove it,” the hacker replied to Chianese. “Because the list that I’m looking at works, I’ve logged into 10+ accounts. I’d be happy to show you.”

Kick reassured that users’ information is safe. However, it seems that the hacker still wants to prove their point.

Is Kick secured? 

At this moment in time, there’s not enough information to say if Kick’s secure or not. If it as Chianese says, then the platform hasn’t been hacked and there’s no indication its platform isn’t secure. However, if the hacker truly does have access to the information they claim to have, then this is a massive issue Kick need to address immediately.