Twitch recently reminded streamers about its rules for Drops campaigns. Drops are special rewards given in video games, and Twitch teams up with game developers to offer these rewards during specific streams. While Twitch Drops can help streamers and the platform get more viewers, Twitch is concerned that some creators are trying to cheat the system. Twitch wants Drops to be earned during live gameplay, with a focus on community interaction, not just showing static images or playing old videos, which some streams have been doing.

Penalties for inactive streaming

To make sure streamers follow the rules, Twitch Support issued a warning on their Twitter, saying that those not actively streaming new content during Drops periods might face stronger penalties. This is to make sure streamers interact meaningfully with their audience during Drop campaigns.

“Let’s try this again… abusing Drops campaigns isn’t allowed on Twitch,” Twitch posted on X. “Streamers who use VODs or static images, for example, to share Drops are misusing the reward system,” the company added.

This clarification comes in the wake of a significant Drops campaign for the game Escape from Tarkov, where numerous streamers reportedly breached the rules. Twitch emphasized that using replays, streaming others’ content or being away from the stream during Drops campaigns is against the rules.

Assuring viewers 

Viewers don’t have to sweat. If a streamer breaks the rules during a live broadcast, viewers won’t be penalized. Also, it’s okay for viewers to watch past videos (VODs) in their free time. The concern arises when streamers play old videos instead of new content during Drops events.

As Twitch makes its rules for Drops campaigns clearer, both streamers and viewers are encouraged to follow them. The goal is to create a fair and fun streaming environment that encourages real community interaction.