Twitch is taking a page from YouTube’s playbook by introducing a new way to reward its top streamers. At TwitchCon Rotterdam, the company announced the Streamer Achievement Awards, a program that will give out special statues to streamers who reach significant viewership milestones.

What are the awards?

The awards, called Bleed Purple Statues, come in three different versions. Streamers who reach 5five million hours watched will get a purple statue. Those who hit 50 million hours watched will receive a black-and-white marble statue. The highest award, a shiny chrome statue, is for streamers who have 250 million hours watched.

“This program recognizes streamers who have dedicated their careers to building a community on Twitch, and in doing so, have hit viewership milestones most can only dream of,” said Twitch CEO Dan Clancy.

First award recipient

LittleBigWhale, a French streamer known for playing games like Apex Legends and Valorant, was the first to receive a Bleed Purple Statue at the event. She has 600,000 followers and a large community on Twitch.

Other streamers who have already hit these milestones will receive invitations to redeem their statues later this summer. “Eligible creators will receive an invitation to redeem their statue later this summer,” Clancy confirmed.

New features and clubs

In addition to the Streamer Achievement Awards, Twitch announced other new features, such as the Creator Clubs, which are spaces where streamers with similar interests can connect. These clubs will have dedicated Discord servers with resources, channels for support and toolboxes for monetization, engagement and content development.

The first two clubs are for DJs and IRL streamers. Applications for these clubs will open at the end of July, and more clubs are planned to launch by the end of the year.