Kick has added two new streaming categories in an effort to improve moderation and better manage difficult situations. Eddie Craven, CEO of Kick, revealed the new categories: Chat Roulette and IRL (In Real Life). The purpose of these changes is to improve the audience and streamer experience and increase safety on the platform.

What are these new categories?

Kick revealed the addition of IRL and Chat Roulette categories on June 22. IRL content is becoming more and more popular, hence the category was made. The streaming service has revised its policies to, hopefully, make sure streamers abide by local laws and respect other people’s privacy.

Kick moderators will be present in every stream for the Chat Roulette category to keep an eye on hate speech, doxxing and minor protection.

Enhanced moderation

The new categories will make it easier for the moderation staff to handle high-risk streams, according to Eddie Craven, CEO of Kick.

“We’re going to make sure every person in the Chat Roulette and IRL category has an active moderator there ready to turn the stream off in case things get out of control,” he said. “It’s going to hopefully remove a lot of those problematic situations that sometimes just get left unchecked.”

Craven made it clear that Kick does not wish to copy Twitch, its competitor. “We say this internally, we don’t want to be Twitch 2.0,” he said. “We don’t want to just ban streamers because it’s easy.”

Updated community guidelines

In an effort to promote positive communication and prevent negative conduct, Kick has recently changed its community guidelines. The updated guidelines only permit suggestive content, forbidding complete nudity and sexually explicit content. With strict age limits and zero tolerance for child exploitation or inappropriate behavior toward minors, it appears that protecting children is taking higher priority for Kick as of late.

The guidelines also prohibit doxxing, the spread of fake stories and misleading headlines. Kick has also implemented strict gambling policies, including prohibiting wagering with user tender and sub-only competitions and guaranteeing adherence to regional gambling laws.

Image courtesy: Kick