Over the years, Twitch has permanently banned many streamers who have violated its guidelines. This includes MethodJosh, Phantoml0rd and Adin Ross, among others. However, it appears they and every other permanently banned Twitch streamers have a chance to get their accounts back. In a blog post posted on November 1, Twitch announced it’s making changes to its appeal process and now allows banned streamers to apply for account reinstatement. 

“Today, we’re clarifying our appeals process and highlighting some of the ways we’re rethinking our enforcement approach,” Twitch wrote. 

A new approach to appealing

Twitch has two appeal types: for those who believe they are wrongfully banned and for those who got an infinite suspension for more than six months. For the first type of appeal, streamers can apply for enforcement in the Twitch Appeals Portal

Permanently banned streamers can also view the enforcement in the same portal. However, they must wait six months after the suspension before they can request a reinstatement. If a reinstatement appeal was previously made, streamers should wait another six months before they can reapply. 

For those suspended for 30 days or less, they may only submit one appeal. For those who are suspended indefinitely, only one appeal in a six-month period is needed. 

Not everyone is eligible

Twitch made it clear that not all permanently banned accounts can be reinstated. “We’ve built in firm guardrails to ensure that users who have been indefinitely suspended for high-severity harms — including those involving violence, threats, and other serious and/or illegal activity,” Twitch wrote. Those who got banned for the mentioned reasons are not allowed back on the platform. 

Opportunity for streamers to take a learning course

Twitch is currently working on educational courses that they will offer streamers to take after violating a policy, the same measure that YouTube added to its Community Guidelines warning. The curriculum is currently in its beta stage, according to Twitch.