Good news for Facebook content creators: Meta announced a couple of tools to help them optimize their content creation process on the platform — namely, A/B testing for Facebook Reels.

A/B testing tool for Reels

Facebook will now let creators test different versions of Reels to see which one performs the best. This tool is called A/B testing. It’s similar to the A/B testing tool YouTube rolled out to its creators. However, Facebook creators can A/B test up to four different thumbnails or captions for a single Reel.

As shown in the screenshot below, different versions will be shown to the creator’s separate groups for 30 minutes. The version with the most engagement after 30 minutes will be the winner. The top performer will be shown to the rest of the audience unless the creator changes it. 

Image Courtesy: Meta

The tool is currently available on the mobile app. Note, though, that the feedback of the tool is not extensive. However, the results will help creators determine what works best on a particular video. 

Image Courtesy: Meta

‘Reels Insights’ gets an update

Meta is also introducing a new Reels metrics called Replays. This metric will provide more insights into a content’s performance by breaking down results of how many times a Reel was played or replayed. It will also show the Reels’ total watch time, average watch time and followers gained after viewing the video.

Meta’s “Achievements Hub”

Also, creator achievements will now be displayed in Facebook’s Achievements Hub, where creators can see the rewards and badges they unlocked. Ultimately, getting more achievements means more incentives for creators, such as getting “increased visibility” after unlocking a certain level, according to Facebook. This means that the creator’s content is likely to be shown to more users. 

These are just some of the updates Meta is making its suite of creator tools. You can read about the A/B testing feature here.