If you’re a YouTube creator who violated its guidelines, fret not because YouTube says it will waive the warning if you attend a class. Just this week, YouTube updated its Community Guidelines warnings

In addition to its one-time warning for a creator’s first violation, YouTube will add an educational training course. Completing the course will lift the warning from the creator’s channel as long as the same policy is not violated within 90 days. 

The warnings are now issued with training courses

General warnings are issued to channels whenever a policy is violated. Aside from taking the video down, the channel will have a lifetime record of the warning. Under this new policy, creators will receive a warning and instruction on the specific policy they violated.

According to the new policy, the video that violated the guideline will be taken down, and the creators will need to take a course on how they can stay within policy lines. If the violation is repeated within 90 days, YouTube will apply a strike to the channel. However, if the violation is done after the 90-day mark, the creator will again receive a warning and be able to lift with by taking the class again.

YouTube acknowledged that creators need more resources to make better content that complies with the Community Guidelines. “We’re taking another step that we think will benefit the millions of creators who call YouTube home, while preserving the policies and systems that protect the YouTube community,” the blog post reads. 

The three-strike rule is staying

YouTube’s other policies, such as the three-strike rule and channel termination, are staying. If the channel receives three strikes within 90 days, it’s still subject to termination. YouTube will also terminate channels that “post a single case of severe content.” Repeat offenders may also not be allowed to take courses in the future.