Twitch unveiled a new feature on June 5th. This tool is designed to make it easier for streamers and their chat moderators to deal with disruptive viewers by anonymously issuing private warnings to those who violate chat rules. Streamers will then have better control of their chat’s behavior using the warning system rather than instantly facing banning.

New feature to warn rule-breaking viewers

According to Twitch, a lot of streamers deal with inappropriate behavior by using an unofficial three-strike system that usually consists of a warning, a timeout and a ban if required.

This method is compatible with the new Chat Warning tool, which offers an official means of issuing warnings. Before they can rejoin the chat, viewers who receive a warning must accept it, ensuring that the audience is aware of the regulations they violated.

Implementation and usage

The chat command “/warn username” or the mod action buttons on chat messages can be used to access the Chat Warning tool. Since the warnings are sent anonymously, the user receiving the warning is unaware of the sender. Streamers and their moderators can monitor rule infractions thanks to the mod action feed, which logs all warnings.

“This tool is intended to help streamers and their moderators establish their rules and handle first-time offenders before a situation gets out of hand,” Twitch stated.

This feature comes after another tool streamers might use to prevent prohibited users from seeing their videos on demand (VODs) and streams, which was announced last year.

Community reactions

The Twitch community has responded well to the introduction of the Chat Warning tool, with many users expressing their approval on social media. One user commented, “Amazing! This way, warning someone doesn’t disrupt the stream as much.” Another added, “This is very helpful and really cool. Thanks.”