For the first time, Twitch, the Amazon-owned live-streaming service, will increase the price of its Tier 1 memberships in the US from $4.99 to $5.99 on July 11.

“As part of our efforts to help creators build and grow their communities worldwide, the following countries received subscription price adjustments as a part of Local Subscription Pricing,” Twitch explained.

Global pmpact

The price increase is not only happening in the United States as the cost of a subscription will also increase for users in 35 other countries, including New Zealand, Brazil, and several European countries. Users in Canada will pay CAD 7.99, while those in Turkey will pay TRY 43.90. According to Twitch, changes will take into account the cost of living in every country.

Streamers’ earnings

Twitch guarantees that streamers will still get the same percentage of the new subscription fees—that is, between 50% and 70%, implying that if subscriber numbers do not drastically decline, streamers may be able to make more money per subscription.

Twitch declared, “It’s for the creators!” But some wonder if streamers will actually gain from this if subscribers stop subscribing to their favorite streamer due to the price increase.

User reactions

The increase in prices has angered a lot of Twitch users. Some are concerned that the increased price will make them stop watching their favorite streamers. One user commented, “I don’t know if I can afford this new price. I might have to stop subscribing to some channels.” Some question whether this move will actually help the creators they support.

Future plans

Twitch promises to answer any queries regarding the new subscription policies in a Patch Notes on June 12. It remains to be seen what actions Twitch will take to enhance its community relations and service.