After changing the revenue split from 70/30 to 50/50 revenue split and reverting to the 70/30 split but with stringent conditions, the streaming platform Twitch is once again changing its program. 

Twitch is removing the $100k cap

Streamers used to receive 70% of their revenue until Twitch made the controversial move to change it to 50/50 split. Because of the massive backlash in its community, Twitch changed it back to 70/30; however, once streamers made $100 in 12 months, the split would go back to 50/50. Again, this move was met with criticism. At the time, Chief Monetization Officer Mike Minton said Twitch couldn’t offer 70/30 broadly because it was not “viable.”

In its latest blog post, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy said that the company “received clear feedback that the $100K cap limited the earnings and growth opportunities for impacted streamers and served as a disincentive.” This change is effective immediately, and streamers that qualify are going to get 70% of their earnings — at least for now. 

Twitch is adding a 60/40 revenue split 

Twitch says it’s also expanding its Partner Plus Program by adding a 60/40 net revenue split to some streamers and changing the name of the program to Plus Program. To qualify for the 60/40 split, streamers need 100 Plus Points. As for the 70/30 split, Twitch is reducing it to 300 Plus Points from 350. One tier 1 sub is equivalent to one point, one tier two sub is two points and one tier three sub is six points. 

Additionally, Twitch is lowering its Prime subscriptions revenue. The company will implement a fixed-rate system based on the subscriber’s country of residence. 

“The changes we are announcing today are designed to create a transparent revenue share framework that can bring predictability to streamers’ careers,” Clancy said.