Twitch is changing how much it pays streamers for Twitch Prime subscriptions. According to the platform, this shift is part of an effort to make a sustainable system.

New fixed rates for prime subscriptions

Starting June 3rd, Twitch is making a big change to how streamers earn from Twitch Prime subscriptions. Before, they got the same amount for Prime subs as regular paid subscription. Now, it’s becoming a fixed-rate system based on where the Prime subscriber lives and how much they pay for Amazon Prime. This is to make sure the monthly Twitch subscription for Prime members stays sustainable in the long run.

In most countries, the amount streamers get is going down by less than five percent. But in some places, it’s more. For example, a Prime sub from a viewer in the U.S. will now be $2.25 instead of $2.50, which is a 10 percent drop. 

Even with this change, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy says that Prime subscriptions are just one way for streamers to make money on the platform. They can also earn through tips, regular paid subscriptions, sponsorships and more.

Streamers get even less now

Twitch knows it’s facing financial challenges, leading to recent layoffs. Even though some streamers might worry about getting less money from Prime subscriptions, Twitch believes these changes will help the platform become more sustainable. According to the platform, its goal is to create a better and more supportive environment for all streamers.

However, in the point of view of creators, Twitch’s payment adjustments, like fixed rates for Prime subscriptions and the Partner Plus program, are still not creator-centric. Creators are getting less than they were when the company implemented the 50/50 revenue split. And many creators rely on Twitch Prime subscriptions as a reliable income. With the drop, these streamers are going to lose a big chunk of their monthly income.

As Twitch works towards profitability, it’s unfortunate to see creators’ revenue taking a massive hit.