Requesting to subscribe to their channels is a necessary thing for creators to do. In fact, many successful creators make sure to always ask their viewers to like, subscribe and turn notifications on. Now, it seems that YouTube wants to help creators get viewers to subscribe with a new glowing Subscribe button.

In its recent tests, YouTube is giving more emphasis to call-to-actions by making the Subscribe button glow whenever the word subscribe is said in videos. This feature has been observed by many users in recent weeks, indicating that the company is automating this process. 

As observed, the button glows for a few seconds, emphasizing it without being, hopefully, too distracting. The glowing button is yet to be available on the mobile app, as it’s just seen on the desktop for now. This may be a subtle change for some, but it definitely adds to the creator’s call-to-action strategies. 

More updates from YouTube

YouTube has been making more updates lately, especially on its short-form app, Shorts. The tech giant added TikTok-like features to the platform, which includes side-by-side recording called Collab, vertical livestreaming format and Q&A sticker. 

It also rolled out a TikTok-style Music samples feed similar to Spotify’s. Select creators can now also test their YouTube thumbnail using the platform’s Test and Compare tool. Lastly, just last week, the company added Related Links to make multi-format linking easier.

Will this new subscribe button work?

It will be interesting to see if this new update will have an effect on subscribe rates. It will surely help viewers find the Subscribe button. Though, was that even really an issue? Then again, to make a comparison, many Twitch streamers make an effort to remind their viewers to use their Twitch Primes, which usually leads to a wave a Prime subscriptions on their channels. This new glowing Subscribe button may be a great reminder to viewers that they aren’t subscribed and maybe they should.