One of the biggest challenges creators face is making thumbnails that get people to click on their videos. Fortunately, YouTube is now testing a solution to help creators with this challenge. YouTube is testing a new feature called Test & Compare. The feature allows creators to test and compare three separate thumbnails for a single video, ensuring the thumbnail they go with is the one with the highest click rate.

How does YouTube’s Test & Compare feature work?

According to Lauren, YouTube’s program manager and Creator Insider producer, the feature will allow creators to upload three thumbnails for every video they post. The creator will then be able to track how each thumbnail performs. The three thumbnails will be shown simultaneously to different viewers. Once the test is complete, YouTube will use whichever thumbnail generates the most engagement. 

“We know this has been a top requested feature, and it will help you make a data-driven decision about your thumbnail strategy,” Lauren says. YouTube is already testing it with a couple of hundred creators but will expand it in the coming months to accommodate “a few thousand” more creators. 

No more manual A/B thumbnail testing

Making a great thumbnail is an important factor in a video’s success. A good thumbnail gets you a good click-through rate and impressions, which signals to YouTube’s algorithm that people are interacting with your video. This lands your video in more people’s recommendation feeds.

Currently, creators have to test their thumbnails manually. Many creators resort to third-party apps to A/B test their thumbnails for click rate. Once the Test & Compare feature rolls out, creators will have an efficient way to test their thumbnails directly through YouTube.

Overall, it appears that the creator community is excited about this feature. Most of the comments on the Creator Insider announcement video say they’ve been waiting for this feature for years. This feature will surely be a game-changer for many creators.