YouTube is rolling out Samples feed — a short-form video feed for music. The vertical feed is similar to TikTok, where users are shown 30-second clips of songs and music videos. This is a new discovery experience where you can find different artists while scrolling. 

How does Samples feed work

The Samples tab can be found at the bottom of the YouTube Music app. Once the feed is tapped, it will play the songs based on your listening habits. The music and live performances will be pulled out from YouTube’s catalog. Then the recommended feed is a combination of the artists that you like or might not have heard of before. 

T. Jay Fowler, director of product management at YouTube Music, wrote in a blog post, “We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to dive deeper into the songs and artists you discover and love all without leaving YouTube Music.”

Samples feed encourages user engagement

It’s also easy to keep track of samples you’ve liked, as tapping the Thumbs Up button will automatically save it to your liked playlist. You can also create different playlists where you can add songs according to your liking. 

The Play button will play the entire song, while the Shorts button will show you the Shorts clips that are created using the sample. You can also create a Shorts video using the song you clicked. Additionally, you can start a new radio station with the vibes of the song, which leads you to discover more amazing artists. 

The Samples feed can be likened to Spotify’s discovery feed that they launched this year. Applying the popular vertical format of TikTok, YouTube acknowledged that users discover more music and artists through short-form videos. This new feed is another great avenue for artists to be discovered. YouTube will start rolling out the Samples feed today.