Game developer Jason Thor Hall, better known as Pirate Software, reached an incredible milestone on April 1st as he achieved level 106 of the Twitch Hype Train, breaking his previous Hype Train record.

The Hype Train event

In 2020, Twitch launched Hype Trains, a feature that allows channels to interact with viewers through exclusive events that are triggered by a rise in Bits or subscription fees. Viewers generously contributed 8,225,386 Bits and 54,380 donated subs to Pirate Software’s channel during the event.

This accomplishment was made soon after Twitch revealed the new prizes for level 100 on the Hype Train. Pirate Software demonstrated his influence and devoted fan base by being the first to unlock the special KappaInfinite emote.

Expressing gratitude

Expressing overwhelming gratitude, Pirate Software shared an emotional message with his community, stating, “There are no words to thank you for what you’ve done here.” His tears of joy on stream highlighted the immense impact of breaking the record. In his message, he emphasized the value of self-belief in the face of a rapidly evolving digital era and urged others to embrace innovation and follow their aspirations in content creation.

While, the distribution of the KappaInfinite emote to viewers was delayed due to technical difficulties, but Pirate Software’s accomplishment is nonetheless noteworthy and shows that the Twitch community is capable of such a feat.