The cheerful and much-loved TikTok chef Lynn Yamada Davis, known for her funny and helpful cooking videos “Cooking with Lynja,” passed away at 67. Davis’s son shared the sad news on social media, saying her last moments were calm and surrounded by loved ones.

A journey of joy and resilience

Davis’ daughter, Hannah Mariko Shofet, told The New York Times that her mom lost her battle with esophageal cancer on January 1. In a video, her son, Tim David, who appeared alongside her in videos, shared pictures of Davis from childhood to her college days at MIT and beyond. Davis, a civil engineering graduate, even ran eight marathons and was a proud mom of four.

Lynn Yamada Davis’ cooking show was a big hit

Davis became famous with her “Cooking with Lynja” videos made with Tim during the pandemic. While Davis was the star, Tim played a big role behind the scenes. Their videos, full of jokes and creativity, became super popular, especially one in 2021 about a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

“He’s the one who writes the script. He’s the one who does the videography. He does all the editing,” Lynn Yamada Davis said previously, giving credit to her son for their online success.

Internet’s grandma

Affectionately called “the internet’s grandma,” Davis won the hearts of millions with her grandma-like kindness. With almost 30 million followers on different platforms, including 17.8 million on TikTok, her funny cooking videos and trying foods from around the world made people happy.

In 2022, Davis even took home a Streamy Award in the editing and food categories. Beyond her cooking talent, the TikTok star’s bravery in fighting cancer and her son’s touching tribute show the impact she had on her fans.

“She was the best,” Tim said in the heartfelt video, thanking Lynn Yamada Davis’ audience for the good times. “So glad that you guys got to see how wonderful she was. Thank you for these last couple of years; we had so much fun making videos.”