TikTok is one of the fastest-growing apps today. The app has billions of users and thus, billions of creators. Last week, TikTok launched its Creator Portal which is an education-based page to give assistance to creators to improve their skills. The page is available on the app or through a browser. It’s for all creators, whether just starting out or well established. 

Support for creators

The creator portal has six different categories to learn from. The different categories cover starting out as a creator on TikTok, content strategy, how to profit off of content creation, and more. Through each category option Creators will find tips, guides, and video-based overviews for specific concepts about creation. 

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TikTok explained its benefits for more experienced creators: “the Creator Portal also features articles that help interpret community trends, dive deeper into the use of sound and music, and spotlight creative effects, helping to inspire and diversify content creation.”

@creatorportal on TikTok

TikTok also started its own profile, @creatorportal, on the app for more accessibility. The profile features some famous TikTokers to help explain some of the key concepts. 

The creator @flossybaby talks about starting out and being unsure if you should start a TikTok or not. Flossybaby expresses that whatever your content may the world is ready to receive you on TikTok. 


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Coach Michelle Hong has a five-part series on the creator portal page explaining how she built her following. She talks about the importance of using your analytics to help “hone in your craft” by giving users more of what they want. 


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TikTok relies on its creators for the success of the app. It is integral for them the provide support for the creators so they may feel like they have the resources they need to create. TikTok believes in giving people the power to reach the masses with their platform and providing assistance along the way.