Instagram recently launched their Professional Dashboard for creators. Instagram aims to help its creators “turn their passions into a living and supporting small businesses.”

Courtesy of Instgram Business

The Professional Dashboard is a centralized page for managing a business or creator account. Instagram lays out three key features of the dashboard; track your performance, grow your business and stay informed. These features give creators the power to view trends and data insights, use tools to develop their content and access educational resources.

Although most of these features were already available to users, they are all brought together in the Professional Dashboard for more efficient use.  

Key features

Through the “Track Your Performance” section, you see a visual chart tracking engagement with other accounts over 7 or 30 day periods. In this section, you can see comparisons with past engagement stats as well. There is also an overview for insights that give exact data for accounts reached and content interactions.

In the “Grow Your Business” section, there are subsections to work on promotions, branded content, IGTV ads and more. You can check monetization status and eligibility like with the feature Badges a tool for live streams. 

With the “Stay Informed” section users get educational resources like articles. In this section, users learn how to optimize the use of Instagram through tips, tricks and guidance. These are neatly organized forms produced by the team at Instagram. Creators are ensured the best quality information is being put forth. 

Made for success

Instagram hopes to actively develop the Professional Dashboard in its progression. They want to give creators and businesses the means to grow and succeed on their platform. The Professional Dashboard will create incentives for these accounts to monitor and interact with their audience to build their brand. Lastly, the dashboard makes a business feel more tangible to its respective owner.