TikTok recently launched a new Q&A tool for creators with 10,000 followers or more. The tool is available for all viewers/followers of these creators to ask questions directly to the creator themself. It is, of course, up to the creator to answer them in a video format or text-based format or not at all. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, gave credence on Twitter to Sam Schmir a TikTok creator who posted about the new feature. 


Answer to @meatball Q&A feature??

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How to enable Q&A

The new feature appears for viewers in the comments section of a livestream or a post. For creators who are eligible, you must turn on the Q&A tool through your profile in the upper right-hand corner where there are three dots. Once you’re on the settings page, there’s a button called “Creator” and on this page, there should be another button labeled “Q&A” at which point you’ll be able to turn it on. 



Answer to @cilantroisawful lmk if it works for you!

♬ original sound – Sam 🙂

What Q&A means for TikTok

Users are also able to see and like other questions posted. This way, the creator sees what their viewers want to know most and can plan content around it. Creators also are able to view questions in one place. This saves time for the viewer and creator. 

The Q&A feature allows for a more connected relationship between the creator and consumer. This tool allows more engagement with users in general and gives them a reason to come back. It will help creators refine their understanding of their following and develop their brand. 

The tool is due to roll out to a broader range of TikTok users in the coming weeks. A statement from TikTok given to SMT some users include “safelisted” creators from TikToks Creative Learning Fund. A fund for emerging teachers on TikTok.