MrBeast — who was the YouTuber of the year in 2020 — is crafting a 2 million dollar fund for up-and-coming creators. The fund plans to give small creators a chance to grow, but a cut of their business goes to MrBeast.


The fund will give small creators up to $250,000 for a cut of their channels. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) is working with his company, Creative Juice, to produce the fund which is referred to as Juice Funds. 

Layed out details of the fund have not been released yet. The requirements of how they will select creators are unclear. Donaldson told The Verge he would like to “pour gas on the fire,” meaning he would like to provide a substantial cash flow to channels that are steadily growing their base. 

Channel popularity

MrBeast is nearing 56 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the largest creators on the platform. He has over 9 billion views on his channel. His most popular video, I put 100 million Orbeez In My Friend’s Backyard, received 115 million views alone. The draw of MrBeast is that he is always doing something outrageous with stunts, giving gifts like houses or simply handing out millions of dollars to strangers. 

MrBeast tweeted about the idea of the fund at the end of last year. In the midst of a couple of months, the fund is becoming a reality. This is just one of the projects Creative Juice is working on. The MrBeast empire is sure to grow more influence over YouTube and creators alike. The 2 million dollar fund is nothing new from the constant exciting content MrBeast produces. 

Donaldson has a big heart. He uses his success to help others in the form of finances, popularity or positivity. It will be exciting to see the outcome of this experiment as it has much potential from creators.