Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, intends to take on new projects to grow his brand. As per the court documents associated with his current battle with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), MrBeast intends to launch a mobile game and beverage brand in 2025.

New ventures for the creator

According to court filings, MrBeast is working on a mobile game and a beverage brand that he may call “Beast Beverages,” which will be a part of the creator’s brand diversification. His chocolate bars, Feastables, have been a hit before; they can be bought in big-box retailers like Target and Walmart.

A move into the beverage market

MrBeast follows in the footsteps of other inventors who have established successful beverage businesses. For instance, Prime Hydration by Logan Paul and KSI became popular in supermarkets. Despite the recent decline in Prime’s sales, a lot of people think that MrBeast’s entry into the beverage industry could succeed because of his huge influence.

Expanding in the gaming industry

MrBeast is no stranger to the gaming world as he has previously worked on video game projects such as “Stumble Guys” and “Top Troops.” His reputation in the gaming industry will grow as a result of the new mobile game, which will include in-app purchases and ads. The game is expected to be free to play.

Former SoftBank CEO Jeffrey Housenbold has been brought on board to head Beast Industries, which will supervise these new projects.

The information found in the court filings provides insight into MrBeast’s future plans. Fans and industry experts will be closely observing his entry into the beverage and gaming industries. MrBeast is well-positioned for sustained success given his track record of accomplishments. Plus, by looping in seasoned leaders, it would be a surprise if MrBeast new ventures aren’t a success.

Image courtesy: MrBeast