YouTuber Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Fischbach, has announced that his “Iron Lung” movie is “officially done.” This update comes after almost a month of on-and-off activity dedicated to completing his first feature film. Markiplier shared this exciting news in a YouTube video posted on June 20, 2024.

About “Iron Lung”

“Iron Lung” (2022) is a horror game that tells the story of a prisoner sent to explore a blood ocean on an empty moon after a mass extinction wiped out humanity on Earth. The game, released in 2022, has gained a strong following among indie horror fans. Now, thanks to Markiplier, it’s set to reach an even wider audience through his movie adaptation.

A year of hard work

Mark first announced his “Iron Lung” movie adaptation in April 2023. In a recent video, Mark stated, “Obviously, the movie is not out, but the main sprint of what I was doing is now done. This has been the longest run of pure work that I’ve ever done in my entire life. This has been the most arduous thing that I have ever taken on.”

Even though the main work on the movie is finished, there are still important steps before it can hit theaters, as Mark mentioned that many conversations still need to happen to finalize its release. “Negotiating with theaters is a very complicated process,” he explained, but he hopes “Iron Lung” will be in theaters “hopefully soon.”

Markiplier plans to share more details about the movie in upcoming videos. Despite the hard work and challenges, he is already thinking ahead. “I have so many ideas for future videos thanks to all I’ve learned while making ‘Iron Lung,'” he said.