TikTok recently revealed a new feature called Symphony Digital Avatars, allowing the popular social media app to use AI-generated avatars of well-known creators in ads. The goal is to help creators and brands connect with audiences worldwide and share impactful messages in a more engaging and authentic way.

Symphony AI ad suite

This new feature is part of TikTok’s Symphony generative AI ad suite. TikTok says this suite aims to add a human touch to branded content and to make ads more engaging and realistic.

There are two types of avatars being introduced. The first type is Stock Avatars, which are based on paid actors. The second type is Custom Avatars. These can look like specific creators or brand representatives.

Custom Avatars are more unique since they can speak a lot of various languages. These could potentially help creators reach more people around the world. TikTok is currently testing these Custom Avatars with their creator community.

Mixed feelings about AI ads

Some people have mixed feelings about this new feature. Dua Rashid from MSN wrote, “I’m unsure how I feel about seeing AI-generated versions of my favorite creators peddling products to me.” Social media users already feel that there are too many ads and adding more generated by AI might worsen this. Some even look for ways to get rid of ads on websites like YouTube by using AdBlockers.

Creator concerns

A couple of content creators are also worried about what this means for their future. Kristen Bousquet, a micro-influencer, said, “If this is something that caught on, I’d be very scared for the future of my business.” There is a concern that AI could replace real human content creators. However, TikTok claims that the new tools are meant to enhance human creativity, not replace it.