YouTuber and philanthropist Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known as MrBeast, has released a new and cutting-edge analytics platform in collaboration with Chucky Appleby called ViewStats, which is now out in beta.

A data-driven approach to YouTube success

MrBeast contributes his YouTube success to his detail-oriented personality and analytical approach, making him one of the highest-earning creators in the world. ViewStats incorporates the data that MrBeast uses in his videos to allow other creators to leverage his meticulous approach.

Just like other Analytic Tools, ViewStats uses YouTube’s public API to show simplified data to its users. ViewStats seems to offer a user-friendly interface displaying vital metrics, as well as more advanced analytics such as projected growth and estimated revenue. Users can also delve into per-video statistics, including views per hour and video revenue.

ViewStats provides a unique ranking called similarity score, which helps users find other similar channels. The tool is available as a Chrome extension as well.

Helping other content creators

ViewStats is co-founded by Donaldson and Chucky Appleby, an entrepreneur and content creator who works at MrBeast HQ in North Carolina.

Appleby has spent many years running various channels on YouTube, including a couple of well-known gaming channels. In 2019, he started working at the MrBeast HQ in Greenville, North Carolina, alongside Donaldson. With the help of Appleby, Donaldson managed to figure out strategies they could use to improve his videos.

Donaldson and Appleby realized that they could share their findings with other creators. “We realized that we should create a data site to help people understand their analytics, to make it easier to make better video ideas,” said Appleby.

Future features and monetization plans

Appleby envisions ViewStats as a daily essential for creators, with planned additions like ideation and thumbnail design tools. While a subscription tier is considered, the platform currently remains subscription-free and ad-free for increased accessibility.