Meta has been investing in AI tools to make content creation better for its platforms. One of the tools the company is currently looking at is an AI-powered matchmaker tool to help brands find the perfect creators for their campaigns.

Improvements on Creator Marketplace

Creator Marketplace is Instagram’s tool for brands to find creators with whom to collaborate. The tool’s match making service is getting a revamp with the help of AI insights. During the NewFronts presentation in New York last Thursday, Meta announced that AI will make the campaigns brief better, potentially leading to a partner creator search more refined.

This new tool will make it easy for advertisers to put together an effective campaign as they are going to work with creators who match with their vision.

“We are very focused on creators at Instagram, because we believe that power is going to continue to shift from institutions to individuals across industries, from teams to players, from labels to musicians, from publications to journalists,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri said in a video appearance.

More AI tools for Reels

Aside from Instagram, Meta is also integrating AI into Facebook Reels. The TikTok competitor will add an “Image Expansion” option to its vertical videos so users can automatically resize images to fit a specific format. This feature was added by Meta last year, but now users can use the option when creating their Reels campaign.

Additionally, Meta will enhance the shopping experience on Reels by launching “multi-destination product ads.” Advertisers can soon make the ads more Reels-like by utilizing videos on the catalog.

These new updates were presented during NewFronts 2024, with AI as one of the hot topics. Other companies such as Google, Snap, TikTok and Samsung unveiled AI tools for their respective platforms.