Kick was launched to rival Twitch in the livestreaming scene, priding itself as a platform where streamers can make content without restriction. The company’s launch was during the peak of banning gambling content on Twitch, which made some big creators move to Kick. However, Kick now admits that it’s struggling to moderate content on the platform.

Content moderation on Kick

Kick has been under fire lately for moderation decisions that some creators deem unprofessional. Twitch streamer Malek_04, for instance, was banned for streaming in the wrong category. She also accused Kick of harassing her and changing categories despite previously settling the category she streams in.

Most recently, Kick received criticism for how it handled a streamer’s ban. Streamer N3on was broadcasting from the passenger seat while a stunt driver was making his way through traffic, ultimately crashing the car and then fleeing the scene. N3on received a one-day ban for the broadcast, which Kick streamer Adin Ross claimed should not be shown on the platform.

According to Andrew Santamaria, Head of Strategic Partnerships in Kick, refining content on the platform takes time with trial and error. However, creators critized Kick’s decision on imposing just one day bans on a content that is dangerous and illegal.

“To be frank it goes beyond N3on, we’re setting a new tone in livestreaming where streamers can be themselves within reason,” his post on X reads.

Santamaria further stated that Kick is still trying to capture the balance when it comes to “freedom” on livestreaming.

“Kick is the NKOTB and while this happens on many platforms, not just direct competitors, we gotta find our true north. We know it’s frustrating, there’s an entire staff here who are on it and listening,” Santamaria said.

Image asset courtesy: Kick