The use of AI has stirred concern among creatives due to copyright infringement. OpenAI, the creator of ChatPGT is launching “Media Manager” to address copyright issues and protect the creations of creators and content owners.

OpenAI’s problems with content for its training process

OpenAI, a Microsoft-backed company, is not new to copyright issues. In fact, multiple lawsuits were filed against the company for using existing work to train its AI models. News organizations such as the New York Times filed a lawsuit last year and eight other newspapers filed more lawsuits just recently.

Additionally, authors Paul Tremblay and Mona Awa are also suing the company for using 300,000 books in its training data. OpenAI’s newest model, text-to-video generator, Sora, also allegedly broke YouTube’s terms of service by using videos on the platform as training tools.

Creators can opt out of OpenAI’s training process

OpenAI’s Media Manager aims to address the company’s issues with copyright infringement so it’s creating a system where creators can opt out of its data scraping processes. Despite claiming that OpenAI’s use of its data can be protected by fair use, a lot of creators don’t agree.

“We believe AI systems should benefit and respect the choices of creators and content owners. We’re continually improving our industry-leading systems to reflect content owner preferences, and are dedicated to building products and business models to fuel vibrant ecosystems for creators and publishers.”

Since the company’s model is trained using an extensive number of data online, it will take a while for a tool to identify copyrighted content and reflect each creator’s training preference. Hopefully, Media Manager will give additional options to creators beyond adding a string of codes on their websites. Media Manager is set to be ready in 2024 with additional features and creators.