6-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya is the first-ever YouTuber to reach 200 million subscribers across her 14 different channels. 

Originally from Russia, the Radinskaya family started their YouTube channel Like Nastya, in 2016. The Like Nastya channel has over 50 billion views and 67.8 million subscribers. Through the original channel, they have 13 other channels that offer similar child-friendly content in different languages like Mandarin, German, Portuguese and more. 

Courtesy of Like Nastya

Like Nastya accomplishments

Nastya has received multiple of all three YouTube awards. The Silver Creator Award for 100K, Gold Creator Award for 1 million and Diamond Creator Award for 10 million subscribers. According to Forbes, Nastya was the 7th highest-earning YouTuber in 2020, earning $18.5 million.

Like Nastya was nominated for the Parenting, Family And Kids category in the 12th annual Shorty Awards. As their content is geared towards children in developing stages of life, they keep their audience engaged with the use of color, animation and education. 


The Radzinskayas signed with Yoola in 2017 to manage the brand. They also signed a deal with IMG to create a line of various products under the Like Nastya name. Products will roll out at the beginning of March at huge retailers like Amazon and others alike. Both Yoola and IMG are owned by WME (Endeavor), a holding company that has a multitude of subsidiary companies in entertainment. 

Other endeavors 

Knowing the success of their YouTube channel, the Radzinskayas have launched their TikTok account which posted their first video in February 2020. The account has 3.4 million subscribers. Recently the family signed with Roku on a deal to stream their content on the “Kids & Family” channel, which also streams other child-friendly creators like Ryan Kaji

The brand is still young as is the talent. Like Nastya is sure to grow its empire in the coming years as the audience itself ages with it.