Children’s video channels on YouTube are flourishing. The baby boom of nursery rhymes, building blocks, cartoons, music videos, web series and much more has catapulted kids as young as five years old into the spotlight of instant YouTube stardom. With the increasing success of fun and even absurd videos being created by and for tots on the number one video platform, it may be a good time to hop on the children’s comedy bandwagon.

As YouTube continues to evolve as an alternative to traditional children’s TV, channels catering to children are popping up all over the site with videos that are actually earning incomes. In addition, as video becomes increasingly popular in the way children communicate and interact with each other, kids may actually see starting their own channel as a way for them to express themselves while learning to be creative in the process. Based on your child’s age, YouTube has taken the headache out of creating channels for your children as well as eliminating the worry of whether or not your child will view inappropriate content from other channels.

With the launch of the YouTube Kids app, made specifically for children, it’s easier than ever to break into the children’s entertainment business. With the app, children don’t need to sign up or sign in with their own account or a parent’s account. The app makes it safer and easier for children to find videos on topics they want to explore and is available free on Google Play and the App Store in the U.S.

Kids Content Gets Results

Some of the most popular YouTube channels are aimed at children, and creators on the mega video sharing site have learned that any video uploaded with popular topics kids are likely to enjoy will get views. It’s no surprise, then, that channels like Fun Toys Collector, Superfriends — featuring Spiderman and Elsa along with a ton of other seemingly random characters from pop culture — and the LittleBabyBum nursery rhyme channel are skyrocketing to the top of the charts when it comes to views and watch time.

In addition to the plethora of children’s content created by adults, the trend has inspired peewee entrepreneurs around the globe to embark upon launching their own video channels. Ryan ToysReview is one of the leaders in this regard. His channel features, you guessed it, toy reviews from a kid’s perspective. Ryan and other half-sized tycoons like EthanGamer, who posted his first gaming video when he was seven years old, and Emily Tube, who makes fun videos that are both educational and entertaining, are accumulating millions of views — especially since kids are known for watching the same video over and over and over again.

Few of these popular videos rack up the same staggering numbers when it comes to subscriber count and like/dislike tallies; most kids would rather watch a video than offer feedback. Some channels even deactivate the comments section on their videos. Neither YouTube nor the young YouTuber focus on feedback as much as they do on building up a very loyal following of repeat viewers.

YouTube has taken notice of the kid channels that have attracted hundreds of thousands of views per month, leading the platform to begin investing in children’s shows on its YouTube Red service. Apart from that, these YouTube stars have generated revenue from the hundreds to thousands of dollars or more through advertisements, affiliate products and sponsored videos. Kids, under the smart guidance of their parents, have used their digital stardom to open bank accounts, prepare for college and, unbelievably, even apply for future employment. There’s no better way at handling success than preparing for the future.

Building Your Brand

Whether your children’s content stars kids or adults, professional strategist in marketing suggests beginners looking to launch their own channels focus on marketing through other social media platforms, just as you would other types of content. It’s recommended that you consider your marketing strategy for how to increase views before you even set up your channel. Research the marketplace and the categories most popular for children on YouTube. This way you not only build success, you can keep it growing.


YouTube also allows its users to add end cards to the end of your videos. By setting up an interactive end card, you encourage people to watch more of your content. This is even more important for content directed at children, since the easier it is for them to choose your video to watch next, the less likely it is that they will be distracted by something else in the playlist.

Successful Content

YouTube and Google track online behavior in categories trending across popular channels. This is how they keep up with the rising fame of individuals sharing their content. Now, of course, there are no conventional formulas for a successful YouTube channel. On average, a successful YouTube channel needs more than just those colorful videos with the alluring thumbnails.

YouTube bloggers have reported that the average viewer watches videos usually a minute or less, and that keywords included in the title, description and tags draw in the viewers. Branding has been another crucial element in drawing in multiple views and loyal followers. If you’re looking to create a popular YouTube channel, you need to create a familiar, visual brand for viewers to identify your content and return for more of your video uploads and updates. If viewers immediately recognize your video thumbnails, you’ll have an easier time attracting repeat viewers since they’ll have an idea of what to expect before they click.

A Bright Future

At the rate children are watching — and creating! — videos to the world, YouTube creators are poised to seriously disrupt traditional children’s television. And just like with other YouTube genres, there’s still plenty of room for variety and experimentation. The next big YouTube sensation is looming on the horizon, and that megastar may just be you or your kid.

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