On the DeeperWithTheDolanTwins podcast’s most recent episode, Grayson and Ethan Dolan announced that they would be leaving their YouTube channel with 10.7 million subscribers. 

Coutesy of DeeperWithTheDolanTwins

The Dolan Twins started their channel over 6 years ago at the age of 14. They’ve created countless videos since. Their content is comedic and brotherly as viewers follow them through vlogs, pranks and challenges. 

In the progression of their videos, you can see them grow together through the lens of YouTube. Through the channel, they’ve created a community and have become close to other YouTubers like Emma Chamberlin and James Charles

Losing their passion

In the podcast, they open up about how excited they were when first starting out because of the risk they were taking. They believe since the risk factor has been long gone, their passion has simmered out as well. The twins are lacking the enthusiasm to create in the constructs of their channel and feel this decision will allow them creative freedom. 

The twins realized that they have looked at their YouTube channel as more of business than a passion. Ethan brought up the point of  “appeasing the algorithm” in order to get more views or money instead of creating authentic videos in which they enjoy making. 

In the past months, the Dolan Twins have received comments and concerns about their general well being from friends, family and fans. The concerns were definitely on track to the decision of the brothers to leave their channel to pursue other digital video endeavors. 

Future projects

The twins will continue their weekly podcast that has a YouTube channel of its own because they feel they are being true to themselves with it. Although they have not stated what new projects they plan to create, the brothers reminisce on projects in which they thrived. One of them being the documentary they made Losing A Best Friend, a story of the twins losing their father to cancer. Another project being the music video they created for an Australian band for the song “Hawaiian Party”.

The Dolan Twins described moving through phases in life and the decision to leave their established channel is just them moving to another phase.