X (formerly Twitter) started paying its Blue subscribers their ad revenue through the company’s monetization program. Anyone who subscribed to Blue with five million impressions on tweets over the past three months is qualified for the program. 

Last July, X started rolling out the first payouts, some creators on the app received around $9,000 to $20,000. However, for someone like KSI, who has nine million followers on X, this isn’t the case. The popular content creator revealed that his payout for August 2023 amounted to just $1,590.

What did KSI say?

During an episode of IMPAULSIVE welcoming Erling Haaland to PRIME athletes, KSI and Logan Paul briefly discussed the monetization program of Twitter/X. “I get pretty good impressions, in the hundreds of millions, and how much I’ve got for August, the whole of August, $1,590,” KSI said. 

What he earned is surprisingly low compared to what a lot of creators received on their first payouts. Paul even commented, “Comparatively … for hundreds of millions on YouTube, that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

X for creators?

Twitter/X pays the creators for the ads that appear under their tweets. These ads do not pay as much as traditional advertising. However, the stark difference between the first payouts and KSI’s is noticeable. The monetization program was made to incentivize and encourage creators to post more on the app. However, in KSI’s case, it looks like X is not the best platform yet for creators. 

It’s also worth noting that back in July, Twitter/X Owner and CTO Elon Musk mentioned that they would share ad revenue from profile page views. There is no update to this yet.