Last June, Twitch announced that it was launching Partner Plus in October. In this new program, qualified streamers would get 70 percent of their ad revenue share up to $100K for 12 months. To qualify for this 70/30 split, streamers need to have “350 recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months.” 

However, the split would revert to 50/50 once the streamer reached the $100K line. This announcement was not received well since the Twitch community has been calling for a 70/30 split without conditions. Additionally, most smaller streamers do not have the capacity to reach 350 subs and maintain that number for three consecutive months. 

Twitch is making changes to Partner Plus

On its X post, Twitch announced that Tiers 1, 2 and 3 will earn streamers extra points to qualify for the Partner Plus program. It’s worth noting that each tier has its own special perks, the most expensive one is Tier 3. For this new update, Tier 1 will give the streamer one Partner Plus point, Tier 2 earns you two points and Tier 3 has six points. Twitch added that “July and August metrics are being retroactively updated,” showing the total points the streamer got.

This point system gives aspiring Twitch Partner streamers a boost, especially those who are struggling to get to 350 paid subs. However, many streamers called for including gifted subs to qualify for the program, even if it means the equivalent is fewer points. It may also seem like it’s easier now to qualify, but Twitch Partners need to get more subscriptions or encourage their community to upgrade to higher tiers to rack up those points. Meanwhile, the community is still calling for a fair 70/30 split.