Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently shared insight into Instagram’s future — detailing features under development and Instagram’s focus moving forward. Mosseri talked about various things, like building out monetization for creators (like rumored Exclusive Stories), but he primarily spoke on embracing more video features on Instagram.

Looking ahead, the platform plans to incorporate more video features into its user experience. Though Mosseri seemed excited about Instagram’s new focus on video, the public’s reaction wasn’t so optimistic about the shift.

Instagram embraces video

Mosseri shared the platform no longer views itself as a photo-sharing app. Instead, it views itself as a place for entertainment, with video being one of the primary forms of entertainment online. Video has helped platforms like TikTok grow its user base and boost engagement. Many platforms have taken notice and have invested in rolling out more features for video. Instagram has already invested in video (IGTV, Reels) but hasn’t had the kind of exponential success experienced by TikTok. It now seems like the platform wants to dive further and fully embrace the format.

Though Mosseri didn’t talk specifically about any video feature that’s under development, he did say they’re going to experiment with a few features over the next few months.

Public reaction

While Mosseri is optimistic for the future, the public wasn’t too happy with Instagram’s change in mindset. On Twitter, many said Instagram is losing its identity in an attempt to copy what other platforms are doing.

Others expressed concern the current creator community will be left behind. Many creators on Instagram don’t create video content and worry their content will be overlooked.

However, some people are cautiously optimistic for a video-focused Instagram and gave suggestions, such as building a solid monetization system for video creators. IGTV struggled to attract creators at launch because it lacked a competitive monetization system.

Despite the public’s response, the company seems set on rolling out more video features. We’ll have to see what the platform comes up with and if it can find a balance between its video and photo user base.