It’s no secret that YouTube dominates the long-form video market for creators. But with the rise of platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Reels and even Facebook, video creators are faced with the challenge of catering to every platform in order to appeal to the most amount of fans. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to gain 10 million Facebook followers in just 10 months without spending any time re-cutting videos? Or how about jumping from zero to five million Snapchat subscribers within a year without producing a Snap-specific show? For creators who work with the tech-driven creator company Jellysmack, it’s possible. 

Jellysmack works with some of the world’s most influential creators (MrBeast, PewDiePie, Patrick Starr, Bailey Sarian, and Karina Garcia to name a few). With Jellysmack-managed content earning over 10 billion monthly views across all platforms, there’s no denying that the company is making a real difference for its partners.

Following Jellysmack’s recent announcement of a Series C raise that put it at unicorn status (aka over a $1 billion valuation), we wanted to do a deep dive to understand more about the company’s rapidly growing Creator Program and how it benefits creators. 

Creator conundrum: be everywhere at once

Even the most savvy creators have trouble translating their success from one platform to another on their own. What works on YouTube doesn’t necessarily work on Facebook. What hits on Facebook doesn’t necessarily land on Snapchat. Each platform has different requirements, different demographics and different audience behaviors. Creators often lack the time and resources to cater to each one and take a platform-specific approach to storytelling. 

As Head of Creator Partnerships at Jellysmack, Jeff Olson hears first-hand about the challenges today’s creators face. 

“Creators are under immense pressure to keep growing and expanding their following,” he said. “They know how important it is to get their content on all the different platforms, but most aren’t likely to have the bandwidth to do it properly. That’s why so many of them are turning to Jellysmack for help.” 

How does Jellysmack help video creators?

The Jellysmack Creator Program helps creators reach new heights by editing, optimizing and publishing their existing content onto various platforms. Everything they do is informed by their robust data analysis and unrivaled AI tech platform that identifies trending topics, measures engagement and finds new viewers who are likely to engage with the specific content. This allows creators to reach new fans, establish new revenue streams, and uncover new opportunities that ultimately increase their brand value.  

“Reposting the same version of a video on different platforms is not going to cut it,” Olson said. “Jellysmack leverages our AI technology, data, and our expert team of editors to optimize each video for each social platform. This includes testing different edits, thumbnails, graphics and titles of each video. The entire process simply cannot be replicated by one person.”

Once the most optimized video is published, Jellysmack accelerates audience growth by investing its own money to put it in front of the right audience. The company’s tech tools find new fans and build a hyper-engaged community that can be monetized. These communities open the door for additional opportunities such as merchandise sales, brand partnerships and new business ventures. 

The Jellysmack Effect

“The rate that we are able to deliver meaningful results is incredibly appealing to creators,” Olson said. “Because we have such powerful technology and data, we’re able to supercharge growth in a matter of months as opposed to the years it could take if a creator does it on their own.”

For example, true crime YouTube creator Bailey Sarian signed on to Jellysmack’s Creator Program in May 2020 with roughly 35,000 Facebook followers. In less than a year, Jellysmack grew her audience to over 10 million. 

In another case, Jellysmack grew the Facebook audience of YouTube comedy creator Reaction Time to 4.2 million and his Snapchat followers to five million in 12 months. 

Jellysmack also helped YouTuber LaurDIY launch on Snapchat and built her audience to 838,000 subscribers in just seven months.

The takeaway

The Jellysmack team helps creators of all sizes expand their audience and establish new revenue streams by building their brands on multiple video-sharing platforms. Jellysmack guides its creator partners through every step of their journey, letting them focus on doing what they love and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Olson also said the team is currently seeking new creator partners.

“Jellysmack is always looking for emerging talent,” he said. “We truly believe that creativity comes from anywhere and we want to help creators of all sizes reach their goals. I encourage any video creators who are interested to get in touch with us at”