TikTok may be taking on Cameo with a rumored new feature called TikTok Shoutouts. The feature will allow fans to commission their favorite TikTokers to create a short, personalized video just for them.

Fabian Ouwehand, the cofounder of Many (an Amsterdam-based TikToker management company), posted screenshots that seemed to reveal the feature is currently under testing by a small group of TikTok creators.

TikTok itself has yet to confirm the validity of this new feature. And, based on the information currently at hand, it’s unclear whether or not the feature will be limited to creators who meet specific criteria if/when it is officially unveiled. However, if TikTok is indeed building a new revenue-growing feature for its creators, it seems like a logical progression for the platform. Additionally, it should be seen as real cause for concern for Cameo.

How the feature works

In theory, TikTok Shoutouts will work similarly to Cameo. Fans can request specific videos from creators for an upfront payment. From there, the creator will have up to three days to either accept or reject requests. If the creator accepts the commission, they have about a week to record the video and submit it for review. During this week, the creator and the commissioner can collaborate on the specifics of the video. Once the video is complete, fans will receive it in their direct message.

A smart, targeted move for TikTok

Currently, Cameo is the leading platform in the celebrity/content creator commissioning space. According to TubeFilter, it is a $1 billion company and has had (up to this point) little to no competition. TikTok has both the resources and the massive user base to take a portion of the market. If TikTok does take a percentage of the revenue from commissions, it’ll likely prove to be a highly lucrative feature for the platform.

Recently, it seems TikTok has been making investments to expand its platform beyond short-form video. On top of Shoutouts, the platform just announced its expanding its video time limit to three minutes, positioning it to compete more directly with YouTube. TikTok’s proven highly successful with short-form video. Now, it’s time to see how it fairs in other areas of the market.