Zynn, the app described as a TikTok copycat, remained atop the App Store charts since May. However, this Monday, Apple removed the app from its store.

The app has been controversial since its release. Many influencers claimed the app operators took their content from other platforms and published it on Zynn without their permission. There are accounts of fake profiles of people who never even signed up for the app. While Google hasn’t commented on why the app was removed, it’s likely the plagiarism claims were a major factor in the decision.

A spokesperson from Zynn claimed the fake accounts were not created by the company itself, but other users. However, many doubt this claim.

Zynn did more than plagiarize

In addition to making fake accounts and uploading creators’ videos without their permission, Zynn offered a shady reward system. Described as a pyramid scheme, the app promised to pay its users for watching videos and inviting their friends to the platform. However, many users said they faced trouble in receiving their payments from Zynn.

This scheme was hurting competition

Considering how huge Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and now arguably TikTok is, it’s important to have competition in the social media areas of the market. Otherwise, these companies would have a monopoly over their spaces. Zynn’s scheme to pay users to watch videos on its platform was a calculated ploy in attempt to take over the market and drive its competitors out.

The app was popular despite its shadiness

Surprisingly, Zynn gained a lot of popularity. While it failed to rake in the same numbers as its competitor, TikTok, Zynn managed to reach the number 5 spot in the app store, according to Sensor Tower. It reached number 1 on May 27 and stayed in the spot until June 1. It then reclaimed the top spot from June 5 to June 10. In total, Sensor Tower says the app was downloaded 5 million times on iOS and 700,00 times on Google Play.

While Apple is usually quick to remove scam apps, Google beat them to the punch this time around. Regardless, Zynn has been removed and can no longer scam its users.

Image courtesy: TechGenyz