For the past few weeks, Twitch creators have struggled with copyright claims demanding they remove all Clips containing copyrighted music. Problem is: creators have hundreds, if not thousands, of live stream Clips linked to their channels. To make it easier for these creators, Twitch plans to automatically scan Clips of live streams containing copyrighted music and delete them.

Creators are frustrated with the recent wave of takedown requests of years-old clips. To make matters worse, many of the creators didn’t even create the Clips, their live stream viewers did. The creators would receive a copyright strike for them, which could lead to a channel being permanently deleted. However, Twitch says they’ll begin to scan and delete these clips without any penalty to the creator.

Twitch expands scanning deal with Audible Magic

As it is, Twitch scans streams for copyrighted audio and music and mutes the stream in 30-minute groups to remove anything copyrighted. However, it appears the scanning algorithm wasn’t used on Clips. So, creators have amassed years of steam Clips with copyrighted music.

Audible Magic performs the scanning for Twitch. The company works with rights holders like Universal Music Group, Disney, and Warner Music Group to scan platforms like Twitch for copyrighted content. Twitch’s partnership with Audible Magic dates back to 2014. Now it’s expanding its partnership to focus on Twitch Clips, too.

Twitch is allowing Twitch streamers to delete all Clips at once

In addition to their plans to scan Clips with an automated system, Twitch also plans to roll out a feature that’ll allow streamers to delete all of the clips on their channels. Many streamers recently resorted to individually delete every Clip hit with a copyright claim. This feature is sure to make it easier for creators if they want to delete their Clip archives.

Currently, Twitch hasn’t revealed a feature for creators to appeal automated clip deletions. Though, the platform offers an option to appeal audio muted due to the Audible Magic scanning. That could indicate Twitch will eventually release a feature along those lines for Clip deletion.

Image courtesy: Breakonacloud