Alex Burriss, or better known as Alex Wassabi, is a video creator on YouTube with 11.5 million subscribers and more than 4 billion combined views. He released a video on Dec. 31 of last year explaining how he will be taking a break from YouTube after continuously providing content for the last 15 years. 

Now 30, Alex was a teenager when he started this endeavor. He explains that he has not taken a break from creating content for more than a week since the beginning. He feels burnt out. Alex Wassabi reminisces about what his father taught him as a child. The lessons that he had grown up with have affected him in his adult life. He spoke honestly about needing time to figure out who he is off-camera and on his mental health. 

The channel has evolved from its beginning in 2006 but still holds the same enthusiasm. Originally the channel began with Roi Fabito and Alex joined in quickly thereafter. In the beginning, the channel merely seemed like two best friends making silly videos. The channel blew up. Their content consists of short funny sketches, challenges, as well as many life updates from Alex. 

Roi Fabito left the channel in 2016 leaving Alex to continue on solo. Roi is better known as Guava Juice, has a YouTube channel with 16.3 million subscribers. 

In his recently released video he takes you down memory lane by showing clips of his most popular videos. Throughout the video you can still hear the YouTube repertoire. He tells viewers to turn on his notifications for video updates despite him taking a break.

He consoles his fans by telling them that he will still be active on social media. Wassabi expresses a possible return to YouTube in February. You are able to see the effect the channel has had on him when he says his tagline “If you’re not smiling, you’re doing it wrong.” Coincidentally, it seems that his YouTube channel has stopped him from smiling.

Image courtesy: Alex Wassabi – YouTube