TikTok made its grand debut to the world in 2020, or at least that’s how it felt—the app released in 2016. The app brought joy and knowledge to many people going through hard times. The short format video-sharing app has introduced a new feature labeled “Cartoonify.” This filter is one of many to receive much attention for its capabilities for being so user-friendly. 


The interactive filter allows users to animate inanimate objects like a jar of peanut butter or a hairbrush. With Cartoonify, users can give items a face, arm and legs. Then, the selected items will become an entity with different action options. You may also move objects around in your frame making them bigger or smaller. 

Although a rather simple feature, it opens many doors in terms of creation for users. TikTokers will be able to easily create storylines and characters for the items around them. This filter will bring a little life to your day. 

Altering your reality

Cartoonify is en route to becoming a viral feature—much like the Disney and Anime filter on Snapchat. Giving users the power to alter the world around them with AR capabilities is on the rise and rightfully so. This feature opens the doors to more innovations in combining AR and smartphone cameras.

Accessing Cartoonify

The filter is located in the trending effects tab when you’re in the TikTok studio. The filter is widely available around the world but, depending on where you live it may not be accessible yet. 

Cartoonify is a great reminder that something does not need to be showy to be popular. TikTok is made for user’s enjoyment so anything that can do that is welcome big or small. In a time where we have less interaction, this filter can make you feel less alone for a couple of moments.