To boost the excitement before Premieres, YouTube is rolling out three tools that help creators do just that before their videos post.

Since YouTube launched Premiere in June 2019, it seen much success in the creator community. The feature that allows creators to make special events for when videos are going to debut is currently being used by a total of 8 million channels since last March. It’s also seen an 85% growth in daily usage since March 1 and 80% of the channels using the feature haven’t used it before March 1st.

Let’s take a look at the three new tools YouTube is releasing

Live Redirect

When using the new tool called Live Redirect, YouTubers can host a live pre-show before a Premiere. So, essentially, it’s a preshow party creators can host to get viewers hyped and excited for the Premiere. The way it works: the pre-show livestream exists as a separate video from Premieres. When the pre-stream ends, the Live Redirect tool will guide audiences to the Premiere. There are no length restrictions, so a creator could realistically do a day long livestream before a premiere.


With the Trailer tool, creators are able to upload pre-recorded videos that can be 15 seconds to three minutes in length. This video will act as a trailer and play on the watch page of the Premiere. This allows creators to share teasers instead of having a blank video box before a Premiere.

Countdown Themes

Lastly, creators will be able to create customized countdown clocks that’ll play before Premiere videos launch. Creators can pick from a range of themes and moods. These include playful, dramatic, and sporty, In total, there will be 15 themes offered at launch. YouTube promises more will come in the future.

Who can use these tools?

YouTube is releasing the Live Redirect and Trailers tools to creators with at least 1,000 subscribers. However, a wider release will come in a few months. As for the Countdown Themes, this feature will be released in the coming months.

Image courtesy: YouTube