There have been niche videos that have exploded in popularity over the years. Watching live video gameplay led to the rise of Twitch, which Amazon acquired in 2014 for nearly a billion dollars. And there is a new niche video ‘sub-genre’ that’s becoming quite popular: cleaning videos.

From Marie Kondo to Mrs. Hinch and the “Clean Mama,” these cleaning content creators are seeing their videos rise in popularity and inspiring their fans to organize their lives.

These cleaning influencers have large followings on YouTube and across social media, as they show viewers how to properly organize their closets, fold clothes, clean toilets and other cleaning tasks that most people dread doing.

What are cleaning videos?

Cleaning videos are exactly what you think: online influencers showing the best ways to get those hard-to-remove stains from a shirt or the absolute best method to cleaning out the garage or organizing a ‘junk drawer.’

The hosts are cheerful and optimistic, helping to inspire their viewers to finally get their lives organized at home and even work. The videos are filmed and edited professionally, helping to further strengthen the message.

In addition, just a simple, well-made video of someone doing cleaning can be relaxing to watch, especially with the right type of music.

Just about any kind of niche can become popular on YouTube and across social media, and that includes cleaning videos. These cleaning gurus and their videos are relatable and fun, and any tips to clean and organize one’s life are always welcome.

Millions of people around the world have been inspired by these experts and have decided to organize everything from garages to their closets.

A small sample of some of the top cleaning influencers and their YouTube or Instagram profiles:

Marie Kondo is by far the most popular, with many followers and subscribers learning the top ways to clean and organize her fans’ lives. Her Netflix show, “Tidying Up,” and her best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” have made her one of the top gurus of cleaning and organizing your life. The book debuted in English in 2014, and she quickly became a true global superstar.


When it comes to filming, the same rules apply: The videos should be well-lit and framed nicely, and the sound crisp and clear. Just filming off a mobile device without a microphone in a dark room likely won’t see the video go viral. But keep it simple; there’s no need for crazy VFX, props, etc.

If you’re planning on a how-to video series with cleaning tips, sit down and work on compelling scripts. Just filming someone cleaning and ad-libbing probably won’t see the video go viral, but planning the shoot with a good script will go far. Do plenty of research, as well, so you become an expert.

It’s also good to brainstorm a clever or unique angle, such as a new way to fold socks to save even more space, which can help get more views, likes and shares.

If you decide to shoot B-Roll of cleaning, choosing the right music is key, and smooth movement and ‘soft’ edits that aren’t jarring will help create a relaxing and even compelling video.

Watch how other cleaning influencers script and produce their videos, and look for popular buzzwords, such as ‘cleaning hacks,’ and ensure you’re staying on top of keywords and hashtags.

Probably one of the most important things is to make sure you’re having fun. Cleaning is boring for most people, and an equally boring video will see a crash in views and shares. Create a light-hearted, fun and educational atmosphere that will inspire viewers to do a deep clean of their often ignored guest bathroom.

There are plenty of channels to release these videos, but the primary ones you should focus on are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. Work to build up your audience with your polished content, have your host go live with a Q&A or fun cleaning demos, which will help get more views, followers, likes and even word-of-mouth.


Cleaning videos are definitely a niche, but they continue to grow in popularity. Research the topic, brainstorm compelling ideas, film the cleaning videos in a professional manner with clean audio and great music and share and promote across key channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitch. People will watch, like, comment, subscribe and share. And perhaps you’ll inspire viewers to improve their cleaning habits.