Anthony Vella, known for his paragliding content on YouTube, lost control of his BGD Luna 3 at the height of 80 to 100 ft. Vella crashed and sustained injuries to his neck, arm, back and pelvis.

Aircraft fails during test flight

Vella tested a paramotor in Texas. In his newly uploaded YouTube video of the failed flight, Vella is seen flying at 50 mph. The vehicle collapsed at the Enchanted Rock State Park and the YouTuber was heard screaming in pain. The footage shows Vella collapsing to the ground and dialing 911.

According to TMZ’s report, two eyewitnesses assisted him in calling 911. Vella was rushed to the hospital. His injuries required surgery. Later on in the video, the YouTuber mentioned that the cause of the crash was a small pension knot that he missed checking during pre-flight.

Vella’s recovery

A fundraiser for Vella was set up on GoFundMe. The first update says, “Again, your support is greatly appreciated. The recovery will be long and trying. He will remain in the hospital doing in house PT for at least 2.5 weeks.”

The second update says, “Anthony had all 4 surgeries this week and everything went well. Thank you again for the prayers and support.”

Vella’s wife also came to YouTube to send a message to his fans. “We have felt the love and support from all of you and will never be able to articulate just how much it means to him, me, and our family. Anthony is very excited to get back to his strong and active self,” Leandra said.

Featured image courtesy: Anthony Vella