Meta just announced that it’s pushing for original posts on Instagram and it’s launching a new bonus program on Threads. These major changes might benefit creators on Threads.

Original content on Instagram

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, jumped onto the platform to discuss the changes to promote original content on Instagram instead of reposted content. Reposted content that appears on the user’s recommended page has been an issue on the app. Creators are concerned by the growing number of resharers who don’t link back to the original content, stealing potential engagement.

Mosseri announced that the platform will replace reposted content with the original ones. It’s also going to add a label to link back to the original creator. Mosseri also warned serial aggregators that they would be removed from the app if they continued reposting content that they didn’t enhance. These changes will roll out in the coming months

“We want to be the best platform for creators online, which means we need to do more to drive reach to creators who create original content,” Mosseri said.

Bonus program on Threads

TechCrunch reported that Threads is also offering a “limited-time bonus program” for its creators. A Threads account called CultureCrave posted screenshots of the offer. The X competitor is offering up to $5,000 for posts that get at least 10,000 views. According to Meta help center, the bonus program is invite-only. The qualifying posts should have at least 2,500 views, are original and are not watermarked with a third-party platform’s logo.

These announcements are good news for creators on the platforms. Aside from enhanced discoverability, they have more monetization options from posting on Threads.