YouTube announced that it’s adding four AI-powered tools: AI Insights, Dream Screen, Aloud and Assistive Search in Creator Music. These tools aim to make content creation on the platform simple and efficient. 

YouTube AI Insights for Creators

During a YouTube event, CEO Neal Mohan revealed AI Insights, an AI tool in YouTube studio that suggests video topics to the creators. This tool will use the data on what the audience is already watching, which makes brainstorming easier for the creators. 

Mohan cited YouTuber Mahna Ghafori, whose viewers are interested in getting ideas for their trips. In her research using the AI tool, the video idea suggests talking about Portugal’s history and visiting its historical places. 

“This insight is just a jumpstart to the creator’s process. Now, Mahna is freed up to think about all the ways she’ll make the video in her own style,” Mohan said. YouTube is currently testing this tool with select creators, and will make it available next year. 

Dream Screen

For Shorts, YouTube is rolling out Dream Screen, an AI-powered tool that allows creators to make an AI-generated video or image background by typing a prompt. Once this feature expands, creators will be able to edit their content or remix existing videos to create something new. 

“With Dream Screen, creators will be able to generate new, fantastic settings for their Shorts that are only limited by what they can imagine,” the blog post reads. 

Aloud and Assistive Search in Creator Music

Two more AI tools, namely Aloud and Assistive Search in Creator Music, are also going to be added to the suite of AI tools on YouTube. Aloud is the platform’s dubbing tool that translates videos into different languages test-piloted by MrBeast. Assistive Search in Creator Music, on the other hand, is an assistive search tool that helps creators find the perfect soundtrack for their videos. 

All of these AI-powered tools make content creation more accessible. As top companies are introducing their own AI tools, YouTube is one of the leading content platforms to capitalize on the AI boom.

Featured image courtesy: YouTube