During the Made on YouTube event last Thursday, YouTube announced its new mobile editing app called YouTube Create. This tool is available for creators who want to edit their Shorts or long-form content. According to YouTube, this editing app aims to address the issues that content creators have been facing in terms of access to creative tools.

YouTube Create: Taking the wind out of CapCut’s sails

YouTube Create is clearly inspired by the viral TikTok-owned editing app, CapCut. TikTok released its own editing app to make it easier for its content creators to edit their TikToks. It’s proven to be quiet popular among TikTok creators. Since CapCut’s release, the editing and uploading videos become a much more seamless process for TikTok creators.

And now, CapCut’s success likely inspired YouTube to release its own mobile editing app.

What can you do with the new app?

With YouTube Create, creators can preview the splits and trim the clips while they’re editing their videos. The app also has a library of filters, effects and transitions. Its automatic captioning tool and voice-over editing capabilities will save creators a lot of time. Additionally, the app has access to royalty-free tracks, so creators can monetize their videos without worry of copyright strike. Similar to TikTok, the music could be synched with the video. The final product can be uploaded directly to YouTube. 

According to YouTube, “YouTube Create is free of charge and designed to make video production for Shorts or longer videos simpler and easier so creators can spend more energy on things they find creatively rewarding.” 

YouTube Create is available in beta for users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Indonesia, India, Korea and Singapore. YouTube said it’s going to expand the features of the app over time. The company also added multiple AI-powered tools such as AI Insights, Dream Screen, Alou and Assistive Search in Creator Music.

Featured image courtesy: YouTube