The most recent Creator Inside video announced that YouTube is working on a way to allow channel creators to prevent their editors from seeing data about the channel revenue.

Creators can currently assign those that give login permission to several roles: Manager, Editors, Editors (limited), Viewers, Viewer (Limited). Managers are allowed to upload, edit, publish and delete videos. They’re also able to add and remove people and edit the channel’s details. Editors are able to upload or edit videos. They can’t delete published videos or add/ remove people, however. Limited editors can upload and edit YouTube videos. All the revenue information is concealed. As for viewers, viewers can view the information on the channel, but can’t edit it. Limited viewers can see all the channel details except for the revenue.

Video courtesy: Creator Insider

Now, YouTube will allow creators and managers to assign editors with a new role. That role is Editor without Revenue. This will allow for permission in between the Editors permissions and Editors (limited). The Editor without Revenue role gives the user all the same permissions as the regular Editors. However, they can’t view any information regarding the channel’s revenue.

YouTube has gotten a lot of requests for this feature

YouTube began working on this feature after YouTube creator Chevy Dud commented on a past Creator Insider video. He asked for the new role to be added.

“We need to limit who can see ad revenue in permissions,” Chevy Dude wrote. “My editor doesn’t need to see how much money the channel makes. I personally think the only person who needs to see channel revenue is the owner, and then whoever the owner wants to see can be toggled on or off.”

While he wasn’t the first person to ask for the feature, his comment came “at a really good time,” according to a Team YouTube member. The development project inside YouTube is called Project Chevy Dude. So, we hope to see this feature implemented soon. Whenever YouTube does roll out the feature, we will update you. So stay tuned.